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Zhong Zhan

Practicing one of the forms from the Six Harmonies style referenced in my interview with James Wu. Advertisements

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Small Weapons, Smart Weapons

The smaller [the weapon], the smarter it is. This saying could be seen as a departure from the previous ones that have been considered here.  Instead of talking about the body, rooting, moving, standing, the use of limbs, etc., the … Continue reading

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The Journey of Kung Fu – an interview with James Wu (吳長螢)

When and where were you born? I was born at Tainan,Taiwan in 1954. Is your family Taiwanese, or did they come after the Communists took over in China? My family is Taiwanese. What language did you speak at home? I … Continue reading

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Wu Shou Quan (五 手 拳) – Intro to Praying Mantis Training

Some of my silat students asked to try a little cross training in Praying Mantis. This is some footage of them learning the first movements of the first form in Shen Fa Society’s Praying Mantis curriculum. I thought it was … Continue reading

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Hardness within Softness

When hardness is contained in softness, attacks are unstoppable.   When hardness does not contain softness, it cannot be maintained. In many ways, all movements are a balance between hard and soft.  The human body itself has hard bones and … Continue reading

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Forging Taizu Quan

In our practice of Six Harmonies Boxing (六合拳 – Liùhé Quán) we use iron rings as conditioning tools.  We had a batch made locally and this video is a playful look at part of the forging process used on the rings … Continue reading

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Soft Preparation, Hard Strike

Softly prepare to strike hard! More literally this phrase can be translated as: “Softly gather qi, solidly strike.” There are two primary ways this phrase can be interpreted in martial arts.  The first pertains to training, while the second refers to … Continue reading

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